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Egypt Serai Travel is a destination management company based in Cairo, Egypt. 

Our years of experience have seen us deliver outstanding travel arrangements for thousands of people seeking to explore the wonders of our ancient country.





Say hello to Eman, one of our fantastic Egyptologist guides in Egypt. She has guided many archaeological tours, worked with world-famous Egyptologists such as Dr.Zahi Hawass, Kent Weeks, Ray Johnson, Mark Lehner and Robert Ritner. She has also lectured at international universities and has guided inspection groups from the US, UK and Australian Embassies.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a more qualified guide to open up the magical land of the pharaohs for you!
She even comes with recommendations from the US Ambassador to Egypt, "We would recommend her without hesitation to any English-speaking visitor who wants an insightful and informative tour of this wonderful country."



Beside being perfect and Passionate Tour Guide, Hassan is an Egyptologist and Archeologist, He had many Excavations in many famous sites particularly in Giza pyramids and the Sphinx Area, Hassan was a member of the Excavation team of the worldwide famed prof. ZahiHawas in the cemetery of thePyramids builders. He has special skills in reading Hieroglyphic Texts. Hassan has got his MA about the Sphinx and conducting his PhD about Hieroglyphic Texts.



She  has  grown up surrounded by so many historic sites and it has made her aware of the timelessness of the  Country and its place in history. Now as a fully qualified Egyptologist, she has been working in the tourism industry in Egypt for the last 20 years and  she is able to share her knowledge and experiences. Most of that time has been spent guiding travelers, helping them to experience our Egyptian lifestyle. her recognized ability to communicate with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries has enabled  her to lead both lecture and tour groups with great success and acclaim.



 Hany has grown up surrounded by many historic sites, he studied Egyptology, Archology and history in Helwan University faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management.
Hany has been working as a professional Tour Guide for the last 22 years, Hany has been predominantly involved in promoting Egypt through lecturing and guiding English speaking groups from different parts of the world.
Hany has passion to travelling and experiencing new cultures, he has traveled quite extensively and visited different countries , he believes that “Traveling is all about Learning & Discovering “.



 Sherine Helal,has been working as an egyptologist and a tour guide for almost 30 years.  she spent more than half of my life sharing my country’s rich history and heritage with the rest of the world which is something she is  very passionate about. During this span she has worked with both the UK and USA embassies and other ones in taking vips in tours, those people she worked with include the American military attaché and the Australian minister for defense.



He is Egyptologist, Archaeologist, Lecturer & tour guide in the whole sites all over Egypt , he has been working as an Egyptologist, Archaeologist, Lecturer and Tour guide for almost  25 years.
Guiding and accompanying countless numbers of English speakers tourists, different nationalities including celebrities and famous icons from those countries in style & proffesion with sense of humor atmosphere.
Lecturer in Egyptology, Archeology, Heratiage, Traditions, Customs, History, Mythology, Civilization and Tourism.
Author, Writer; wrote and writing many researches, essays and books.
Got post graduates studies and degrees Diplomas (Pre- Master, Master, and Ph.D. Doctorate in Egyptology, Archeology and Ancient Egypt Civilization).

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He is one of our Expert Egyptologist guides. He has guided many archaeological tours; he has been working as an Egyptologist and a tour guide for almost 30 years.
 During this span he guided many formal visits in Egypt like ministers, Culture & military attach, members of parliaments.
Example of this: The visit of Tony Blair and his family to Egypt.
Magdy has passion to Researching  and he did many researches about ancient Egypt  & He has also lectured for Researching teams & scholars .
He wrote a book  which is now under publication ; the title of the book is   ‘’Ancient Egyptian technology’’.